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fuk negronuds

2011-11-08 12:57:11 by imSUCHApr0

u al haet me y?!??!?! u jsut ljelly of ma pr0nez!
so ima leev negroundz cuz fuk u al nd jion yuotbue or sumat liek dat nigz
pece otu


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2011-11-08 13:11:13

Bye, the way is that pic (the black guy) from the series called OZ?

imSUCHApr0 responds:

naman he pr0 cuz he meh!datz hu i am man i bare hecnh nd on a hypin ting!!!!uget me!!!!


2011-11-11 20:40:38

So go ahead and leave. None of us care.

imSUCHApr0 responds:

dat cuz u gay