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FUCK SSJ3-Goku4567

2011-10-27 14:00:23 by imSUCHApr0

he a fag he tihnk he pr0er den me!!!! HE RONGRONGRONGRONGRONG WROOOOOONG CUZ IM TEH PR0IST!!1
he maed lodz o revewz abot my sogns which r al bulshit look at dem!!!!!!!!! so i made s sogn in retuen so he kno wat every1 tink of him it pr-0 az alwayz my sogn LISN 2 TI!

diz is he shity ablum covr lok at it! so i revwewed it liek he revewzs my stuf! i did gud job at beong moron u tink? LOLOLOLOL!!1 imSUCHApr0 i suprize maself wit ma PR0neZZZZZZZ

chek out belo + uver stuf k?
-imSUCHApr0 xxx

FUCK SSJ3-Goku4567


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2011-10-28 23:58:52

FIRST of all, it's not an album cover. It's just something I whipped up in a few seconds. SECOND, where do you get off on attacking me? I commented on your songs in such a manner because that's what they all were: shit. And now you're attacking me directly by trying to squander my name. Yeah, good job at making yourself look bad. You only succeeded in pissing me off even further. Go fuck yourself. I won't die off of Newgrounds, no matter how much you try to stop me.

imSUCHApr0 responds:

and I commented on your songs because that's what they were: not very good
so stop being butthurt
stop crying baby and suck it down or perhaps become a better musician


2011-10-29 00:57:52

Oh, and by the way, if you don't like my reviews, why not just delete the songs and then re-submit them, eh? That or just delete the reviews themselves.

imSUCHApr0 responds:

I'll leave it up to you to delete the reviews like the coward you are. I think I'll leave them up there so everybody can see what a niggger you are.


2011-10-29 07:58:46 it.jpg

imSUCHApr0 responds: irectory/fun/7/654.jpg


2011-10-30 17:29:32

I'm going to try to be calm about this.

What I said on your pieces were harsh, yes, but what you did in return was much, much worse and much lower than I would have expected even you to go. I could even go so far as to say it was a dick move. I recommend you take down those pieces you made directed at me now before things get even more out of hand. As you can see, I've stopped commenting on your songs because it'll just make pointless conflicts. So I would kindly ask that you remove the submissions you made with the intent of attacking me from the Portal.